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Charles & Debra Chivers Charles & Debra Chivers

Charlie & Debbie founded Special Touch Ministry in 1982. Since that time, the... [Read more]

Joseph & Ann Trementozzi Joseph & Ann Trementozzi

Joseph and Ann have been involved in International missions work for over ten years... [Read more]

Thomas & Angelia Carpenter Thomas & Angelia Carpenter

Thomas has been associated with Special Touch Ministry since 1999. What started out... [Read more]

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Inspired By My Brother Inspired By My Brother

By: Bradley A Mattrisch While the needs of individuals who have disabilities are paramount to most organizations, the concerns of their friends and family members are frequently overlooked. Yet, disability impacts their lives in some very profound ways. For example, many siblings are put in the role of helping their brother or sister who has a ... [Read more]

Developing Servant Leaders Developing Servant Leaders

By Bradley A Mattrisch During the Easter Season, we’re reminded of the Last Supper and the suffering Jesus endured along His way to Calvary. After supper, He demonstrated servant leadership by washing the disciples’ feet. Jesus wanted them to duplicate this example around the world. At Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, the... [Read more]

When the Church Facilitates When the Church Facilitates

By: Bradley A Mattrisch  Read More →

Inspiring Chapter Leaders Inspiring Chapter Leaders

Are you motivated by a leader who demands strict compliance or demonstrates excellence through serving? The Special Touch family is incredibly blessed with several gifted leaders who inspire us by triumphing over adversity. Geographically, Jacksonville, FL is one of the largest cities in the United States. It has a huge population of people impacted... [Read more]

Compel Them to Come In Compel Them to Come In

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine being born into permanent darkness. Continue the journey. Your eyes see but your ears don’t hear. You are born into a sub-culture that largely rejects both the label of disability and the remedies for your condition. In this next vignette you are traveling to meet your fiancée when in the space of ninety... [Read more]

What is a Special Touch Chapter What is a Special Touch Chapter

A Special Touch Chapter is a faith-based friendship support group with regular meetings. Special Touch Chapters enrich the lives of people with disabilities through the exchange of helpful information, resources, mentorship, encouragement, and opportunities for fun and friendship. Why are Special Touch Chapters Important? There are over 58 million people... [Read more]

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