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As itinerant evangelists, Charlie and Debbie Chivers recognized the need for ministry to the community of people with disabilities.

Chivers family

Only a small percentage of the now 50 million Americans with disabilities are a permanent part of any church.

In response to this need Special Touch Ministry, Inc. was born in 1982.

Although it began as a small summer camp attended by 32 people, the vision was for a viable nationwide ministry that would open the doors of the church to people with disabilities. As others have caught the Chivers’ vision, the Summer Get Away program experienced phenomenal growth, doubling in attendance three consecutive years. Quality ministry with integrity and continual growth have gained Special Touch Ministry a high degree of respect, both in and out of the community of people with disabilities.

Since that time, the Chivers have dedicated their lives as full-time missionaries working with people with disabilities. Special Touch is a non-profit Christian organization, interdenominational in scope, committed to evangelizing and providing support services to people with intellectual or physical disabilities, their families and caregivers. Special Touch Ministry, Inc. is supported through the prayers and gifts of concerned churches and individuals.

Special Touch is a "people helping people" ministry. It is made possible through the effort of a network of hundreds of dedicated Christian volunteers whom God calls to serve. The spirit of Special Touch Ministry is best expressed by Christ’s exhortation to his disciples to "wash feet." The "warmth of the water" and the "tenderness of the towel"* have won many to Christ over the years.

Special Touch Ministry, Inc. is continually expanding to meet the needs represented in the community of people with disabilities. Future goals include local Christian respite care programs operating through the church or fellowship chapters, Sunday School curriculum for people with intellectual disabilities, a wide scale counseling program, and independent and supportive Christian housing for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. We gladly accept donations. All donations are tax deductible. If you are interested in making a donation please see our contribute page or donate now online using our secure online donation form.

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*From the song The Basin and the Towel by Michael Card.

Our mission…to ease and enrich the lives of people impacted by disability.

Our vision…to provide faith-based support and response to needs that arise in the disability community.