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What is RSS?
RSS, commonly known as Really Simple Syndication, is a popular method for sharing content without requiring readers to continually visit a Web site to see what’s new. RSS feeds contain headlines and links to Web pages which contain additional information. For more information, read this column by Andrew Kantor: RSS readers keep you up-to-date with your favorite sites.
How do I start using RSS feeds?
You simply must decide if you want to read RSS feeds using a feed reader or using your email reader. Then, just subscribe to the feeds you are interested in reading. Subscription is free and simply involves signing-up once to that particular feed to receive all future updates.
How do I subscribe to Special Touch’s RSS feed?
There are 2 ways to subscribe: 1) using an aggregator (ie: feed reader); 2) subscribing to receive updates via email. Simply click on the "" button to subscribe with a feed reader. Or, enter your email address in the column to the right and click "Subscribe" to subscribe via email.
Is RSS the same as Live Bookmarks?

Basically, yes.. If you’d prefer not to use a separate feed reader, you can have the power of RSS built into your web browser. The Firefox browser has a "Live Bookmarks" feature that is powered by RSS. Just download and install Firefox by clicking the Get Firefox! button. If you’re using Firefox and you wish to add Special Touch as a Live Bookmark, just click on that orange, atomic-radiation-radio-signal RSS button "" in the address bar of your browser (or down in the bottom right corner if you’re running a pre-1.5-version of Firefox).

Once you’ve done this, and assuming you’ve enabled the "Bookmarks Toolbar," you’ll get a nifty drop-down list with the titles of all your RSS web feed "headlines."

Can I receive feed updates via email instead of using a separate RSS feed reader?
Yes! Just click here to subscribe to the Special Touch Ministry Updates RSS feed via email.
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