Disability Friendly Church

As the number of people with disabilities in the world continues to expand, who is serving their spiritual concerns in your community? The need for Disability Friendly churches is off the charts as many families are disheartened by churches who don’t understand their unique needs or have even asked them to leave! These individuals and families are actively looking for churches that care!

Churches certified with the Special Touch Disability Friendly Certification are a safe haven to people with disabilities in their community… letting them know THIS CHURCH CARES!     Download a flyer for more information.


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Get your first year’s Disability Friendly Church Certification… NOW ONLY $60.00… half off the regular $120 annual rate! For a limited time, sign up TODAY!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT – Churches who commit to $100 a month in Mission’s giving to Special Touch Ministry can receive an additional percentage off their annual rate… UP TO 100%!! Contact the Special Touch Ministry National Office for more information.

Benefits of being a Special Touch Disability Friendly Certified Church

Through Certification, your church will be set apart as a sanctuary of compassion in the middle of a hurting world. Your certification says to each person impacted by disability… “You matter… You are wanted here!” It tells people in your community that your church is a place where their gifts can be put to work, giving them an avenue through which they can express their worship.

Other benefits include:

  • Full Directory Listing – When individuals search the Special Touch Disability Friendly Church directory, looking for a disability friendly church in your area, your information page and Certification information is displayed.
  • Monthly Disability Ministry Information and Tips – receive monthly emails from the Special Touch National Office containing tips and information that will encourage and enhance your local service to the disability community.
  • Additional Support – As a Special Touch Certified Disability Friendly church you will have access to unique Disability Ministry supports, valuable tools, consultation, and other tangible benefits including books and special needs curriculum (costs may vary). Special Touch Ministry personnel would be happy to discuss with you what partnership, beyond Certification, can do for your church and those with disabilities you will serve.

Of course, the greatest benefit of all is that it presents the opportunity for your church to actively fulfill its role in the Great Commission, adding souls, often overlooked, to the Kingdom of God. Disability Friendly Church Certification will expand the vision of your church, making it possible to fulfill the scriptures and “Compel them to come in!”