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Compel Them to Come In

Compel Them to Come In

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine being born into permanent darkness. Continue the journey. Your eyes see but your ears don’t hear. You are born into a sub-culture that largely rejects both the label of disability and the remedies for your condition.

In this next vignette you are traveling to meet your fiancée when in the space of ninety seconds while adjusting for an oncoming truck you roll your car over three times down an embankment. After regaining consciousness you find that you are paralyzed from the chest down. In the instant it took for your vertebrae to puncture the spinal cord you have been suddenly and violently transformed into a stranger you do not know.

These are just a few of the ways that millions of people are impacted by disabilities. This book will take you into the isolated and painful world of physical and intellectual disability and show you and your church how to touch lives for Christ in this vastly neglected community.

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