2021 Day Camp FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about 2021 Summer Get Away Day Camp

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What is Special Touch Summer Get Away Day Camp?

Day Camp is a safe alternative to overnight, in-residence, Get Away to get together with our friends. Designed to provide socialization, recreation, fellowship and spiritual fulfillment.

How much does Day Camp cost and what is included in these costs?

Each location has a small fee. This fee offsets the cost of lunch and additional activities. Please see the registration page for your local details.

Who can attend a Day Camp?

Anyone! Prior staff, guests, CIT’s, community members, ministry leaders, or new friends and family. Remember, we will not be providing supervision or care.

Do accompanying or visiting staff need to pay and register?

Yes. All attendees will need to pay a registration fee and complete the same, easy, online registration form.

What are your pandemic safety protocols at Day Camps?

  • Temperatures will be taken, at least once, at the beginning of the event. You will be asked to leave if your temperature is over 100.4° F.
  • When possible, use of a face covering or mask that covers your nose and mouth is requested, but not required with respect to physical/emotional limitations. While we hope that all restrictions will be relaxed in all locations by this summer, if state or local mandates are in place, they must be adhered to.
  • Each person participating is asked to, when possible, stay at least 6 feet apart from people who don’t live with you, are outside your family, or close social contacts (aka social bubble/pod).
  • Participants are asked to wash hands often and thoroughly with soap and water and/or use hand sanitizer.

  • Will you have a Day Camp store for selling Special Touch Ministry souvenirs?

    No. If you would like to purchase this year’s Summer Get Away Theme t-shirt (and have shipped directly to you), you must do so online at: 2021 Summer Get Away Theme Tshirt

    Will all Summer Get Away locations have a Day Camp this year?

    The pandemic is still causing a number of restrictions and delays across the country which are hindering the ability to plan/hold Summer events. Unfortunately, not every Summer Get Away will find it possible to effectively hold a Day Camp(s) in their area. Please contact the Summer Get Away Coordinator near you to inquire further.

    How is Day camp similar to Summer Get Away?

    At most locations, you can expect to experience similar fun activities, fellowship, and a theme-centered, gospel message… just like you would find at a Special Touch Summer Get Away. This year’s theme is ESSENTIAL! Come and find out how in God’s eyes, YOU ARE ESSENTIAL!

    How is Day Camp different from Summer Get Away?

    It is just for one day. Accommodations are not provided. Staff are not provided.

    What do you mean when you say staff will not be provided?

    If you need help with any physical activities, cares, or tasks, supervision, sign-language translation, or accessibility support, YOU WILL need to provide your own staff. All needs and cares including passing of medications MUST be provided by a parent/guardian/staff accompanying the attendee. Due to the pandemic, Special Touch Ministry will NOT be providing any personal supervision, respite, or caregiving.

    What if I’m traveling a distance to get to an event?

    Special Touch Ministry will not provide transportation. Special Touch Ministry will not be providing accommodations. Contact the Summer Get Away Coordinator for possible suggestions.

    What are your restrictions for those that may be ill?

    PLEASE DO NOT attend if you are feeling unwell. In accordance with the CDC, we request that the following participants NOT attend ministry events:

  • Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 (including fever, cough, and shortness of breath), illness, or a contagious disease. NOTE: At events where temperatures are being taken, you will be asked to leave if your temperature is over 100.4° F;
  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, unless you have had no fever for 72 hours (without the use of medicine) and 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared;
  • Anyone who has knowingly been in contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days; and/or
  • Anyone who has traveled internationally in the past 14 days prior to the event.

  • What personal care supplies will be provided?

    Special Touch Ministry will not be providing any supplies. Basic handwashing supplies in restrooms may be provided except in outdoor venues (those with restrooms shared by the public) where this may not be possible. If you feel you need mask(s), hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves, additional cleaning supplies, water, or even sunscreen, PLEASE BRING your own!

    I have food sensitives/allergies, can you provide gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan meals?

    It won’t be possible for Coordinators to meet specific dietary needs. If you are concerned, please feel free to bring your own food/snacks.

    Will attendance be limited at each location?

    Some indoor locations may have limits to their attendance. If registration is coming close to attendance limits, announcements will be made.

    Will outdoor events be postponed for inclement weather?

    No, all locations are planning weather alternatives and shelter will be available. These events are happening, rain or shine!