2022 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about 2022 Summer Get Aways

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Why is Get Away only three days instead of five?

Due to the COVID pandemic, last year we were only able to hold day camps which was awesome after having to cancel completely the year before. While this year we are able to have overnight Get Aways, we need to make some changes to our normal programming to accommodate restrictions, which includes reducing our five day Get Away to three days.

What do the new types of registration mean?

The following registrations are for a 3 Day Get Away, in residence retreat, functionally appropriate for people with disabilities.

  • Guest-NO Care Needed: Individual with Intellectual and/or Physical Disability age 10+, NOT requiring personal care. Guests must be independent as Staff cannot provide personal care. Staff will provide supervision and guidance only. Cabin groups will be 3 to 4 guests per staff. Guests under 10 may attend with Parent/Guardian as their caregiver*.
  • Guest-REQUIRING Care: Individual with Intellectual and/or Physical Disability REQUIRING personal care. Guest must provide their own caregiver familiar with person’s care needs.
  • Staff: Volunteer 18 yrs. + apply to serve as an in-room staff for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. Volunteer Staff will ONLY supervise and guide guests in their care. Guests must be independent as Staff cannot provide personal care. Personal information is requested for a required background check. Cabin groups will be 3 to 4 guests per staff.
  • Personal Care Staff: 18 yrs. + apply to serve as an in-room caregiver for a specific person they are familiar with and have provided care for. Personal information is requested for a required background check. *Parent/Guardian – caring for only their child register under this type.
  • Family Member: Additional family members staying in same room. When completing for family members:
      1. Complete registration for Guest-REQUIRING Care.
      2. Complete registration for Personal Care Staff for the parent caring for guest.
      3. Then complete registration for additional family members attending and staying in the same room.

  • My whole family wants to attend, how do we register and what will we be charged?

    For each Guest requiring care (registration option for those whose parent/guardian is caring for them) they pay the registration fee for their location. One parent/guardian (their Personal Care Staff) is included in this registration fee. AFTER while the additional parents/siblings no requiring care should register under Family Member.

    Can I use one account for my family or group home?

    Yes, multiple applications can be completed under one login/email address.

    Why are Illinois and Arizona Locations not listed?

    At this point in time, the Arizona and Illinois Summer Get Aways will not resume. Our hope is to re-organize and provide these in our future year’s schedules. Please feel free to attend any other program.

    Are masks, vaccinations, or up-to-date immunizations required for participation?

    Special Touch Ministry leaves the choice of wearing a mask and/or being immunized up to each individual. While some immunization info is requested (to be used by medical staff), Vaccinations ARE NOT required. If you choose to wear a mask, remember to bring your own supply.

    Will Special Touch be mailing applications?

    No. All applications are ONLY available online through specialtouch.org/getaways. Please read all information on this page as the Get Aways have changed this year. Then click on the Summer Get Away Online Registration graphic to bring you to CampDoc to register.

    I do not see a paper version of the reference form?

    We no longer have paper references. Give your reference this link https://www.specialtouch.org/stmonlinereference and they can complete it online. You can also direct them to the page on our website where they can click on the Staff Reference button.
    picture of staff reference button

    Why is this paperless?

    Today, everything is becoming automated, electronic and paperless. I am sure you have already experienced this through mobile phones, debit cards, PayPal, etc. Paperless is quicker, more efficient, and more cost effective. With campground price increases, we do our best to cut costs to bring the best tuition price to our guests while making sure we have all the amenities of a fun Summer Get Away.

    I do not have access to a computer, what can I do?

    Visit a library, ask a friend who may have a computer, or you can use a tablet or smart phone.

    What does the Lockout Date mean?

    Lockout date is the absolute last day to access your application and get all your information entered and/or uploaded as well as have all balances paid in full. If information is missing and balances are not paid, your registration will be CANCELLED by midnight of the lockout date. All funds will be returned minus fees-SEE CANCELLATION POLICY.

    What is your Cancellation Policy?

    Refunds prior to the 2 weeks before the Get Away or over-payments will be returned to applicant minus a $10.00 handling fee and a 4% transaction fee.
    A full refund is given if Special Touch is unable to accept an applicant.

    What will I need to register?

    You will need access to the internet, email address, and all personal information for the applicant, including payment information such as Credit or Debit card information, or Bank routing number and checking account numbers.

    What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept bank transfers (all you need is the bank account and routing number), Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. If applicant does not have a credit/debit card, prepaid credit cards can be purchased from retail stores.

    Does Special Touch bill Service Agencies?

    NO. Billing to Service Agencies is the sole responsibility of the applicant/guardian. Reimbursements for deposits will not be assessed a processing fee. Tuition is not tax deductible.

    Who do I contact for help?

    Questions concerning the Summer Get Aways in general, contact cpo@specialtouch.org. If you have technical questions about the website used for the application (CampDoc), contact the Help Center at 734-619-8300. If you have questions specific to a Summer Get Away location, please contact that Coordinator directly.


    What if I clicked on the link and it takes me to a page that does not load?

  • Please use, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. Internet Explorer is not compatible with the online application because Microsoft does not support it anymore.
  • Make sure your computer and browser are up to date and have cookies and JavaScript enabled.
  • If it still does not load, you have a technical issue. Contact the Campdoc Help Center at 734-619-8300.

  • I answered all of the questions I see, but the page is not advancing?

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next.

    What is the benefit of creating a login?

    Creating a login makes it unique and secure to each person when dealing with guardian and medical waivers. It also can be used year after year so your information will be saved, and you won’t need to reenter information again.

    How does my guardian sign the authorization?

    If the guardian is not the person completing the application, they will need to be invited and allowed access to your account. Follow the instructions below to send an invite and allow access.
    1. Click on your name on the left side.
    2. Click on Manage Users

    3. Enter the Guardian’s email address in space provided
    4. Click Add User, Guardian’s email will be listed under invited and they will receive an email. Have them check spam account if they did not receive it.

    5. In the email, there will be a link for the Guardian to click. This will bring them to a page for them to accept your invite and then create their log in.
    6. Guardian then clicks on health profile under your name in the column on the left
    7. Guardian then clicks on Authorization in the column on the right
    8. Guardian must read the authorization and scroll down to the bottom and type their name in the space provided. This is an electronic signature.
    9. After this is completed, a green check mark will appear next to Authorization in the right column. Guardian may then log out as Authorization is complete. Guardian will also receive emails stating the status of the application, etc.

    What do I do after I register and pay my deposit?

    After you register, you will be directed to fill out a health profile. Each section will turn from a red circle to a green check mark in the column on the right side of your screen, once all the required fields are completed. health profile navigation

    What do I do after I complete my health profile?

    Once you complete your health profile, a green box will pop up saying your health profile is complete you can log out. Note: Just because you have completed this portion of your application, it does not mean you are accepted. The Coordinator must make sure housing and proper care is provided for you. The next step is to check your email. The Coordinator and National Office will be in communication with you through email and postal mail. Acceptance letters will be sent through the mail from the local Coordinator approximately two weeks before the Get Away date.

    I entered wrong information, how do I fix it?

    Depending on what information that needs to be changed, you just need to highlight and retype it. As for your information entered for log in and registration, you need to request a change and Central Processing will change it for you. You may also email Central Processing and they will help you with the change.

    I entered everything on the screen in CampDoc, why does it still show a red circle that I am incomplete?

    Scroll down through the questions, there is more information that needs to be filled out. If fields are red, they must be filled out in order to be complete. If you are a returning applicant through CampDoc, you will also need to click on CONFIRM INFORMATION after reviewing information you entered in previous years.
    Please review section


    Once I register, am I automatically accepted to attend the Get Away?

    No. Completing the registration does NOT mean you are accepted. The Coordinator must make sure housing and proper care is provided for you. Watch your mail and email. The Coordinator and Central Processing Office will be in communication with you through email and/or postal mail. Acceptance letters will be sent by mail and/or email, from the local Coordinator, approximately two weeks before the Get Away date.

    How will I know the status of my application?

    You will receive reminder emails for incomplete applications, as well as money due. You will also receive an email when your health profile is complete. Acceptance letters will be sent by mail and/or email, from the local Coordinator, approximately two weeks before the Get Away date.

    Up until the time of Get Away you will receive emails about insurance through CampDoc. Do not feel obligated to purchase, that is solely up to you. You may unsubscribe from these emails at the bottom of the email. Special Touch Ministry, Inc. is not affiliated with the insurance offer and does not receive income from the offer.

    What should I bring to Summer Get Away?

    Additional and activity-related details for each location will be provided in your final acceptance letter.

    Possible things to pack** include:
    • bedding / sleeping bag / pillow
    • washcloths / bath towels /beach towels
    • personal toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, etc.)
    • medications (prescriptions must be in their original container identified with physician’s name, dosage, etc.), medication form, and copy of medical insurance card
    • swimsuit and/or cover-up
    • bug repellent and/or sunscreen
    • Bible
    • raincoat and/or jacket for cool/inclement weather
    • additional clothing and bedding if needed for incontinence, including depends
    • medical equipment and supplies that may be needed (Bed rail, night-light, Medical lift, CPAP, gloves, incontinence supplies)
    • If bringing a CPAP machine or other machine to assist with sleeping, please bring your own power strips and extension cords
    • any other items that would make your stay more comfortable

    **Please mark items with guest’s name to eliminate mix-up

    What time should I arrive and what time would I be leaving?

    These details are provided in your acceptance letter as each location’s check-in and checkout times can vary. On average, staff orientation begins on Friday at noon. Guest check-in begins Friday at 2pm. Guest checkout is approx. 1pm Sunday. Staff checkout approx 2pm Sunday. IMPORTANT: Please review your acceptance letter carefully. We WILL NOT have staff available for any guests arriving prior to check-in time or staying later than checkout time.