Chapter Renewal

After completing the CHAPTER RENEWAL FORM below have EACH Chapter Officer AND Supervisory Volunteer complete the following:



Chapter Renewal Form
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REMINDER: 2024 Chapter Renewal Forms and Leadership Applications are due by December 1, 2023. IF you would like to come back to this form at any time (especially if you are having technical issues), use the SAVE AND RESUME link - at the bottom of each page. NOTE: The Chapter Renewal Form will not be considered complete until you SUBMIT a final, fully-completed, form.

CHAPTER LEADERSHIP (Officers & Supervisory Volunteers)

Only Chapter Officers and volunteers (limit 10 per year) who have been approve by the STM National Office through an annual application process are allowed to serve in Supervisory positions. Approval is contingent on STM receiving all 3 references AND the applicant passing the background check screening process. THE CHAPTER LEADERSHIP APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED BY ALL OFFICERS AND THOSE VOLUNTEERS SERVING IN A SUPERVISORY POSITION.



Enter all Chapter Officers and Supervisory Volunteers (max 10). Please enter names only once.HAVE EACH PERSON LISTED BELOW COMPLETE THE CHAPTER LEADERSHIP APPLICATION and 3 references by December 1, 2023. APPROVAL will not be given until application and references are returned AND background check screening has been passed successfully.

Chapter Core Group

List all active core group members NOT ALREADY LISTED above. For each core group member, provide their contact information.

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