One of the greatest challenges for families who have a member with special needs is the isolation they feel. Special Touch Chapters address this problem by providing effective faith-based ministry to individuals who have disabilities and those who love and care for them.

Benefits of Joining A Special Touch Chapter

  • Connect with people who provide understanding, help and encouragement.
  • Network with others in your area who face similar challenges.
  • Discover new opportunities for personal growth.
  • Gain new perspectives on how to share your faith.

Starting a Special Touch Chapter
Along with the over 50 million people with disabilities in America, there are families who are also dealing with the impact of disability on their lives. All of these people, impacted by disability, desire a caring environment, where their needs can be met, their abilities can be encouraged, supported, and used and appreciated. You can help make that possible by starting a Special Touch Chapter!

If you are interested in starting a Special Touch Chapter, we encourage you to speak with your family and pastor and pray about your decision before contacting Rev. Joe Trementozzi at