CIT Program

STM Caregiver-in-Training (CIT) Program

The CIT Program is a Missions training opportunity for students and student leaders who may be interested in one of the purest forms of ministry that exists… serving people. Offered to youth ages 14-17, this program introduces them to the joy of serving people with disabilities, while leaving an indelible mark on the young lives of the CIT.

This is a Missions trip.

Students need to RAISE their Missions Fee, just as they would for any other missions’ trip.
This fee covers the cost of their registration, insurance, meals, and accommodations for the week. Click on the donate button below to see a list of fees by location.

Please pray for and encourage the young person you are sponsoring.
Their life will be forever changed.


The CIT program involves hands-on mentoring, from an experienced staff, serving people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. It also provides students with the opportunity to:
• Increase their commitment to God
• Develop a heart of servanthood
• Expand their ability to minister
• Win the unsaved to the Lord
• Work directly with people who have intellectual and/or physical disabilities
• Share their experiences with their peers

Some of a CIT’s responsibilities may include:
• Assisting in various needs of supervisory caregiving
• Helping people with disabilities participate in recreational activities
• Assisting caregivers or supportive staff in their duties
• Being a companion/friend to an individual with disabilities

The need for youth to participate in the CIT program is great. Special Touch Summer Get Away is the only opportunity that many of our guests with disabilities will have to get out and hear the saving message of Christ. Every year guests are turned away because there isn’t enough staff to provide proper care. The youth of the churches can help to allow more guests with disabilities to attend.

Exodus 17:10-13 tells the story of the victory of the Israelites over the Amalekites. In the account, as long as Moses held up his hands God’s people would win. And when Moses grew tired, two men, Aaron and Hur, came and held up his hands for him. This is the spirit and aim of the CIT program.

It is an opportunity for students to minister by literally being someone else’s hands, arms, legs, feet, or even eyes or ears. Giving them the chance to understand and learn from men and women who live victorious lives for Jesus in the midst of great limitations.

Special Touch Ministry, Inc. operates under the Intercultural Ministries of the US Missions division of the Assemblies of God.


❶   Fill out the CIT application on-line, along with your $100 deposit for each state you are applying to HERE

Remember your log-in name and password for future reference and access to the registration. Also add and to your safe-list of email addresses so that you can receive regular emails regarding your application status.

  All CIT applicants must have a medical examination within twelve months prior to the date of the Get Away applying for. You or your medical staff can acquire a copy of the Physicians Permission Form online using the button link on this page.

  Have your References promptly complete the online reference form (see button link on this page).

  For acceptance, all remaining funds and references must be in the Central Processing Office by the applied Summer Get Away(s) Lockout Date(s).

REMINDER: Do not apply until you can commit for the entire week and have arranged your own transportation.