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The need for disability-friendly churches is off the charts! Many families are disheartened by churches who don’t understand their unique needs. These individuals and families are actively looking for churches that Welcome them!

Disability-friendly churches are a safe haven to people with disabilities in their community. With a strong Spirit of Accommodation and programs and services designed to meet their unique needs, these churches are letting families and individuals know that THIS CHURCH CARES!

The heart of Special Touch Ministry is to see every church, through partnership, operate at the highest level of Disability Ministry success and friendliness. Services provided by the Disability Friendly Church (DFC) Program are designed to help us achieve this goal.

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How Disability Friendly is your Church?

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Special Touch Disability Ministry Guide:
A Blueprint for sustainable ministry to People with Disabilities in your church and community

Disability Ministry Guide
Two people holding handsOne of the greatest challenges for families who have a member with special needs is the isolation they feel. In the Special Touch Disability Ministry Guide, we address this problem by assisting the local church in developing a regular outreach ministry to individuals who have disabilities and those who love and care for them, increasing disability friendliness.

When you complete the survey above, you receive access to a FREE, downloadable, Disability Ministry Guide. With a few, EASY, steps, your church can move forward in developing outreach to people with disabilities in your community.

A Disability Friendly Church is set apart as a sanctuary of compassion in the middle of a hurting world. You say to each person impacted by disability… “You matter… You are wanted here!” You are telling people in your community that your church is a place where their gifts can be put to work, giving them an avenue through which they can express their worship.

Of course, the greatest benefit of all is that it presents the opportunity for your church to actively fulfill its role in the Great Commission, adding souls, often overlooked, to the Kingdom of God. The Special Touch DFC program can help expand the vision of your church, making it possible to fulfill the scriptures and “Compel them to come in!”

DFC Online Trainings
DFC Online TrainingsThe needs of children and adults with disabilities are ever-changing. DFC Online Trainings are just one way Special Touch Ministry leaders and experts provide church staff and volunteers, serving the disability community, preliminary tools and training to enhance and support ministry to people impacted by disability in the church or local community.

DFC Partnership & Ongoing Support
One person using a wheelchair praying with a young man with an intellectual disabilityStarting a ministry to people with disabilities in your church is a process which takes time to plan, develop, and grow. The DFC Partnership program provides a steady relationship of support, connection, and consulting between your church and our organization.

With a Faith Promise of $25/month or more, our staff will work with your church leaders, providing guidance, direction, and access to unique Disability Ministry supports, valuable tools, consultation, and other tangible benefits including books and curriculum (occasionally, additional costs may apply).

Special Touch DFC Partners
Receive regular phone support, monthly tips, and online training from STM leadership and staff with over four decades of experience in disability ministry.

Schedule a missionary representative from Special Touch to present the vision of Ministry to People with Disabilities to your congregation.

Obtain resources and support to make your church more effective in reaching your local disability community.

Receive guidance in planning your church Disability Awareness event to enlighten the church congregation as well as show the local community that you are a church that welcomes everyone.

Have your church support evangelism to people with disabilities by arranging to come on a short-term mission trip to STM Summer Get Away (camp/retreat).

Receive personal, disability training with key people from your church (i.e., children’s and/or youth pastor, Sunday school teachers, maintenance, etc).