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  • Roughly 20% of people in your local community have a disability.
  • One in five families are impacted by disability.
  • Many do not attend a local church.

If you are interested in reaching this group – We’re here to help!

Our leaders and experts, with over four decades of experience serving the disability community, can provide you with the preliminary tools and training to create, develop, enhance and support ministry to people impacted by disability in your church.

Our training equips you with:

  • A Biblical foundation for disability ministry
  • Deepening understanding of disabilities.
  • Practical tools for accessibility.
  • Program Strategies, and more!

Helping you open doors and build a welcoming church family.

DFC Trainings are available to all DFC Partnering churches. Join us in transforming your church into a beacon of hope. Together, we can reach everyone with the Gospel.

Special Touch Ministry DFC Trainings are designed to Encourage and Equip Church Leaders in Disability Ministry. DFC Partnering Churches have unlimited access to DFC Trainings.

On-demand Video Trainings are in the Works from DFC!
While you wait…