Memorial Wall

The Special Touch Memorial Wall first began when the family of Ashley Marie Aakre desired to do something in her memory that made a significant impact in the lives of people with disabilities.

Over the years, Special Touch Ministry continued to receive donations from families and friends of many who are no longer with us. These donations go into a Memorial Fund and are used to provide scholarships to those unable to afford the cost of attending of our programs.

The Special Touch Memorial Wall honors our departed loved ones as well as the generosity of many individuals who share our vision for serving people impacted by disability.

Mike Petruzzi
Sharon Heckel

Mike Pavelka
Thomas Wilson
Glen Talbot
J.J. Smeya
Neal Helrung
John Dalton
Lucille Erickson
Ed Sommer
James & Agnes Aakre
Aurelia Strickland
Helen Oquist
Bruce LaPean
Carol Simcox
Addie D’Agiu
Pete Scheuermann
Joseph V. Trementozzi
Dominic Amico
Chuck Chivers
Robert “Robby” Gross
Bill Gerseth
Grace Hennen
Carole Jensen
Harold John Schutte
Gregory DeGarmo
Jimmy Turk
Donald C. Mundt
Audrey Trementozzi
Joan Volkmann
Edit Imhoff
Nelma Carpenter
Buck Carpenter
Rev. Thomas Leach
Rose Biancos
Chaplain Tracy Hamelink
Muriel Abernathy
Lauren Alexander
Eldon Anderson
Sharon Austin
Carl Bauman
Dexter Birdsong
Tim Brown
AB Davis
Michael Day
Kelly Dykstra
Vicki Eckhart
Heather Graham
Fritz H.
Mrs. Johnson
Sharon Jonkman
Susan Lopez
Mac MacLachlan
Jaclynn Maleck
Sonia Messiner
Florence Mencarin
Lila Moen
Allan Morton
David Mueller
Todd Neal
Michael, Evelyn, Candace, and Matthew Nelson
Betty Rich
Adeline Sampson
Ted Saleske
Kate Skram
Buck Van Meter
Mark Wiebe
Walter Wischoeffer
Natalie Womac
Ila Wright
Ashley Aakre