Get Aways

UPDATE 1-11-21: We recently held a zoom meeting between our Special Touch Summer Get Away Coordinators across the country. We are disappointed that we had to conclude, due to the continuing conditions surrounding COVID-19, there just isn’t a way to hold overnight programming for our friends with disabilities in a safe manner (the Summer Get Away program as it currently exists) for 2021.

We miss our guests and staff very much, but, as you can understand, our concern for the safety of everyone is our priority. We realize that many of our friends and their families are feeling isolated, lonely, and disconnected but we have faith that God is still in control. He hasn’t forgotten us and we will meet again.

Our Summer Get Away Coordinators agree that it is vital for us to develop new, different, yet safe ways to connect, serve, and provide faith-based support to the needs that arise in the disability community. We are actively exploring some fun and exciting alternatives, so stay tuned to the Special Touch Facebook page and email newsletters. We’ll be rolling out updates as they become available.

We dearly appreciate your prayers and continuing support. We pray safety and blessings on you and your loved ones.

Rev. Debra J. Chivers, Director

Summer Get Away Registration Choices

Guest – Anyone with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, ages 10 and over, can participate. Children under 10 years of age must attend with a parent/guardian. NOTE: This programming is NOT designed for people with severe/profound intellectual disabilities.

Staff – Volunteer caregivers (ages 18+) for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. This includes parents/guardians caring for their child or paid caregivers.

Caregiver-In-Training (CIT) – Youth age 14-17 participating in this mentoring mission trip ($300 missions fee) are partnered with an adult caregiver serving people with disabilities.

Family Member – Individual registering with a Staff and guest, staying in the same room, and not requiring an additional caregiver. In order to receive tuition discount for family members, a guest and staff registration must be completed first, then call Central Processing to receive access for the additional family member rate.

What is a Summer Get Away?

It’s five days, in residence, camp-style retreat for people with intellectual or physical disabilities to find fellowship with others in a Christian atmosphere.

What are the facilities like?

While the facilities at each Get Away vary, special care has been given to select facilities that will best fit the special needs of our guests. Each Get Away has various activities such as: swimming, fishing, crafts, boat rides, sports, games, hayrides, bonfires, petting zoos, and local interests.

What are some of the features of a Get Away?

What you can expect at each Get Away is functionally appropriate programming for people with physical or intellectual disabilities, professional medical staff, and compassionate volunteer caregivers provided for ages 10 and up – families are welcome (Inquire about family discounts).

What is the staff like?

Each of our Get Aways has trained caregivers, a full-time nursing staff, with a low guest to staff ratio.

What is the cost for all this?

The guests’ tuition for each Get Away vary based upon the cost of renting each facility and state requirements. Our fees are much lower than the national average for similar programs. We work very hard to make sure that each guest pays the lowest price possible. See costs locations and rates on listing.

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