Indispensable People Podcast

So that people of ALL abilities may know Christ, grow in Him, and serve Him with the gifts He has given:
The Indispensable People Podcast

click here for podcastAre you interested in learning more about making faith accessible to everyone?
The indispensable People Podcast may be just for you!

Join host Tracie Corll (launched October 2023). New episodes almost every week!

People with disabilities were created by God with a plan and a purpose for their lives. Our society is now becoming more aware and open to seeing what God has for His people. So let’s keep the conversation open… because everyone deserves to know Christ!

Recent topics include:

  • Breaking Down Disability Myths: Fostering Respect and Inclusion through Companionship and Community
  • Building Accessible Sanctuaries with Sensory Tools
  • Men’s Transformative Influence in Family Faith and Disability Ministry
  • Shaping a Ministry that Reflects Every Learner’s Needs

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