MA Program

Do you feel that God is calling you to serve full-time ministry to people with disabilities? A Missionary Associate position may be for you. A missionary associate is someone who is at least eighteen years old and wants to serve in U.S. Missions full time.

You don’t have ministry credentials? No problem! In U.S. Missions, you don’t have to be a credential holder to become a missionary associate. You can be a caregiver, teacher, Web designer, videographer … whatever skills you have, we would be glad to have you on our team.

What is a Special Touch Missionary Associate (MA)?

  • An individual who volunteers their unique services and talents under the direction of Special Touch Ministry and AG US Missions.
  • A person whose main desire is to help Special Touch Ministry serve people impacted by disability

Qualifications of a Missionary Associate

  • 18 years of age or older
  • US Citizen or able to work in the US
  • A born-again Christian
  • Consistent in their personal, daily, devotional life and good standing with the local church
  • Currently having financial stability allowing for a change in household budget as well as the ability to use a portion of their household income to offset initial expenses for tools, materials, and/or training
  • Full approval of spouse and/or family members
  • Self-motivated, quick-learning, with a balance of people-oriented and detailed-oriented skills


  • Special Touch Missionary Associates can choose to develop into full-time career missionaries
  • While the potential of raising a full-time income as a Missionary Associate is there, a good work ethic, perseverance, dedication, and determination is required to reach this goal

What are some of the responsibilities of a Missionary Associate?

  • Special Touch Missionary Associates are responsible for raising their working/operating budget
  • Missionary Associates use their unique skills in serving the ministry as assigned or based upon the need
  • Missionary Associates are responsible for all record-keeping (activities, income, and expenses) reporting to Federal and State government agencies (IRS & DOR) as required by law, and paying all related income taxes

Special Touch Missionary Associates are considered self-employed. Missionary Associates are responsible for managing documentation related to income and expenses in order to pay any required taxes due on income. Since Missionary Associates are not employed by Special Touch Ministry, they are not eligible for any benefits including but not limited to health insurance, mileage reimbursement, vacation pay, and/or unemployment compensation.


  • Raise Personal Budget – The first goal of a Missionary Associate is to secure enough faith promises to financially support their household as they serve in ministry
  • Reporting – Special Touch Missionary Associates are expected to track, document and regularly report donors and donations to Special Touch Ministry and Assemblies of God US Missions.
  • Develop and integrate their ministry call into the Special Touch vision – in receiving this income, comes a responsibility to donors as well as Special Touch for a Missionary Associate to justify that ministry work in line with the overall vision is being accomplished in exchange for this support.

Missionary Associates help our organization grow and achieve God’s will for Special Touch on earth as He sees it in heaven! To acquire an application and more information on being a Missionary Associate with Special Touch Ministry, contact the National Office