Programs and Services

Special Touch Disability Friendly Church Certification (DFC)

The DFC program is designed to encourage, instruct, and empower churches in Disability Ministry. A church certified through this program will receive access to tools, information, and training designed to enhance and develop the Disability Ministry within their church.

Special Touch Ministry leadership provide guidance and direction to local churches, all services to people with disabilities are still overseen, insured and administered by the local church. In order to avoid any relative confusion and misunderstanding, Special Touch Ministry, Inc. requests local church disability ministry groups to avoid using “Special Touch” in any local program identification.

Special Touch Chapters of America

Special Touch Chapters are designed to be a community-based ministry. Special Touch Chapters minister, mentor, disciple and serve people impacted by disability. The purpose of a local Special Touch Chapter is to reach out to those with disabilities as well as their friends, families, and caregivers. This specifically includes those not connected with a Disability-Friendly Church or those hurt by a local church. Special Touch Chapters are intended to be the liaisons between the disability community and the local church. Special Touch meets many needs of people impacted by disability and whenever possible promotes their involvement with a supportive Disability-Friendly Church family.

Special Touch Chapters are divisions of Special Touch Ministry, Inc. and as a federal 501c3 nonprofit organization are subject to certain legislative regulations. A local Special Touch Chapter begins and is directed locally by a core-group of 10 or more volunteers committed to developing the spiritual reach to people impacted by disability in their community. This core group is responsible for promoting, administrating, and fundraising as well as leading their monthly, community-based “friendship group” within the guidelines of Special Touch Ministry, Inc.

Special Touch Summer Get Away Program

A Summer Get Away is a five-day, in residence, camp-style retreat for children and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities (guests) to vacation and find fellowship with others in a Christian atmosphere. Families are welcome (family-discounts are available). Children under 10 years old must have parent or guardian with them to attend.

A Summer Get Away has functionally appropriate programming for people with physical or intellectual disabilities along separate tracks based on intellectual ability. Professional medical staff and compassionate caregivers are provided.

Each Summer Get away is run by a local Coordinator who is under the direction of Special Touch Ministry. Special Touch Summer Get Away staff are mainly volunteers committed to serving for the entire five days (four nights) of this retreat and approved through an annual application process which includes criminal background check and reference screening.

The guests’ tuition for each Summer Get Away vary and are based on a number of costs, including campground facility rental fees, insurance costs, as well as costs associated with complying to governmental regulatory requirements. Special Touch fees are lower than the national average for similar programs.

CIT Program

This mentor-ship program, for students age 14-17, is a part of the Special Touch Summer Get Away. The Caregiver In Training (CIT) program guides young people in evangelism and service to people with disabilities, providing the opportunity to explore God’s call on their life through rough hands-on experiences.

Special Touch Missionary Associate Program (MA)

The MA program consists of individuals who volunteer their unique services and talents to Special Touch Ministry. MA’s can choose to develop into full-time career missionaries. Designed for people whose main desire is to help Special Touch Ministry serve people impacted by disability, a good work ethic, perseverance, dedication, and determination are required to reach a full-time career goal.