Programs and Services

Special Touch Disability Friendly Church(DFC)

The DFC program is designed to encourage, instruct, and empower churches in Disability Ministry. This program provides the ability for Churches to partner with STM to receive access to tools, information, and training designed to enhance and develop the Disability Ministry within their church.

Special Touch Ministry leadership provide guidance and direction to local churches, all services to people with disabilities are still overseen, insured and administered by the local church. Free tools available!

Special Touch Chapters of America

Special Touch Chapter “friendship groups” provide a caring environment where people with disabilities can find fellowship and spiritual mentorship. In a Special Touch Chapter all abilities are encouraged, supported, used and appreciated.

Special Touch Chapters reach out to those with disabilities in the community as well as their friends, families, and caregivers. As the liaison between the disability community and the local church, Special Touch Chapters meet the needs of people impacted by disability and connect them with a supportive Disability-Friendly Church family.

Special Touch Summer Get Away Program

A Summer Get Away is an in residence, camp-style retreat for children and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities (guests) to have fun and fellowship with others in a Christian atmosphere. A Summer Get Away has functionally-appropriate programming for people with physical or intellectual disabilities along separate tracks based on intellectual ability. Professional medical staff are provided. Families are welcome. Children under 10 years old must have parent or guardian with them to attend.

Each Summer Get away is run by a local Coordinator who is under the direction of Special Touch Ministry. Special Touch Summer Get Away staff are mainly volunteers committed to serving for the entirety of this retreat and approved through an annual application process which includes a criminal background check and reference screenings.

The guests’ tuition for each Summer Get Away vary and are based on a number of costs, including campground facility rental fees, insurance costs, as well as costs associated with governmental regulatory requirements. Special Touch fees are lower than the national average for similar programs.

Special Touch Blind Services

Since early 2019, Special Touch Ministry has been retooling and developing programs and services specifically to meet the needs of people who are blind or have visual impairments. The Blind Services department provides resources to churches, organizations, and individuals specifically addressing the needs of those with visual impairments or blindness.

Braille, large print, and audio tools, developed by this department, cover a broad range of needs from evangelism through spiritual mentorship to disclipleship. The focus of Blind Services is to make the cross accessible.

Special Touch Ministry Online Community

The STM Online Community is a safe place where individuals impacted by disability or sight loss can share their concerns, struggles, pain, and triumphs, and encourage each other, receive prayer and gain spiritual insights. Regular features of meetings are discussions on topics of interest to those who live with disability, Bible studies and prayer.

The group is designed for those with physical disabilities but we welcome anyone who would like to be a part of these discussions. For more information on participating, join the STM Online Community Facebook group or email Lori.