2024 Summer Get Away Pics

Thank you for Helping us Capture the BEST MOMENTS of 2024 Summer Get Away!


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I hereby grant Special Touch Ministry, Inc. its agents, and employees a nonexclusive perpetual license to reproduce or exhibit, in print and electronic format, publicly or privately, any of the photos or video footage I have taken while participating within the Special Touch Ministry programming. I understand that outside of these situations I retain all rights to my media. I represent that I have a legal right to grant such license. I understand there will be no financial or other remuneration for providing this license and agreement to Special Touch Ministry unless arranged separately by contract. Special Touch Ministry, Inc. will be responsible for obtaining all necessary model and property releases prior to use of the media.

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PHOTO/VIDEO TIPS – Additional Tips from our Development Specialists…

  • For the privacy of all participants, please DO NOT take photos/video in bedrooms, restrooms, or medical treating/dispensing areas.
  • Smiling, Activity/Action, & images that tell a story all make for good media
  • Try to get as much variety as possible (NOT a huge amount of footage/pictures taken of just one event)
  • Be aware of your subject ‐ the focus (the Important Moment) of the photo/video.
  • Be considerate and try to avoid visual embarrassments (while eating or while at swimming/waterslides)
  • Try to reduce showing a guest’s name tag, if possible (adjusting the angle of the camera can help)
  • When recording video, ALWAYS film Horizontally!
  • Keep steady, especially while zooming… use a tripod and/or hold your breath
  • Use sparingly when shooting video ‐ wide (far out) shots, zooming from far to close, and significant panning
  • Keep video in short segments (under a couple minutes)