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Driver's Information

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I am applying to drive vehicles owned, borrowed or rented by Special Touch Ministry at the following locations:
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Driver Requirements, Responsibilities, & Safety Policies

All STM Drivers must receive pre-approval from Special Touch Ministry National Office.
All STM Driver's must receive Training & Instruction from STM Lead Tech Team staff before driving (includes directions for driving, loading, and securing, driver responsibilities, and restrictions).
Training and Instruction provided by STM cannot cover every scenario the driver may experience. If you are not certain of the safety in the particular situation, STM Lead Tech should be consulted. When in doubt, please ask.
All STM Driver's must have a valid driver's license, at least four years of licensed driving experience, and be at least 21 years of age.
All STM Driver's must have provided full and detailed explanations of any traffic incidents, accidents, suspensions, and convictions as requested on this form. Failure to do so will result in removal of driving privileges.
Driver's Safety Requirements SAFETY IS OUR PRIMARY CONCERN in all motor vehicle operations. This includes the safety of all the occupants of the vehicle, the driver, as well as all pedestrians in the vicinity. ALL drivers are required to comply with these Safety Requirements:
      • Individuals should not drive if they are taking any medication (prescribed or OTC) that may impair the safe operation of the motorized vehicle.
      • NO cellphone usage or texting while driving.
      • All drivers shall observe all vehicle traffic and posted law while driving including:
    - Stopping at stop signs.
    - Pedestrians have the right of way.
    - ONLY driving where allowed.
    - NOT driving where not allowed. For example, Golf Carts are not to be driven on public roadways.
    - Not parking where entrances, stairways, ramps, roads, sidewalks, or other thoroughfares are blocked.
      • Driver's and passengers MUST remain seated at all times while the vehicle is moving. It is the driver's responsibility to be certain NOT to put the golf cart in motion until everyone is seated.
      • Failure to comply with all established policies, procedures, and instruction may result in loss of driving privileges. Any intentional failure to operate the motor vehicle in a safe manner can also result in a loss of driving privileges. Driving privileges can be revoked by National Office staff, Lead Tech Team Staff, or Summer Get Away Coordinator.